Automatic storage at Vietsovpetro warehouse

For large enterprises like Vietsovpetro, warehouse management and control is one of the most important issues. With a large amount of work to do, as well as the need to constantly update data information, how to effectively manage the warehouse is not a simple task. The ASRS system was born to provide solutions to support this problem. Thien An, with its reputation and many years of experience in providing smart technology solutions for automatic warehouses at factories, is proud to be the unit that implements the construction and complete installation for the goods storage project. automatically at Vietsovpetro warehouse.

Features of the automatic storage system at Vietsovpetro warehouse

The project system of automatic goods storage at Vietsovpetro warehouse consists of two main parts: software and hardware.

The automatic storage of goods at Vietsovpetro warehouse


– Stacker Crane: the function of moving goods in the warehouse from the place of goods gathering to the position of the storage shelf and vice versa is completely automatic.

– Fixed rack/frame: designed to be flexible, depending on the actual size of goods stored at the warehouse.

– Conveyor system: helps move goods to the lift when gathering goods into the warehouse and moving goods out when leaving the warehouse.


– Software to control freight elevators.

– Goods information management software: capable of storing and exporting data accurately from time to time, can be extended to connect with other management software such as enterprise’s ERP. Using Barcode/RFID technology to manage goods.

The effectiveness of the project of automatic storage of goods at Vietsovpetro warehouse and its benefits

– Full automation technology, high work efficiency, saving labor costs and labor safety.

– Goods are controlled from warehouse entry, storage location, warehouse release, and remaining inventory according to a process throughout. The system updates information at each time of import / export, according to the principle of first in / last out. At the same time, automatically rotate product positions and issue alerts for long-sold items. Thanks to those accurate statistics, businesses will have the basis to have a suitable treatment plan.

Lift system, automatic storage shelves  

– Simple system software management interface, easy to use through the computer screen.

– Design the storage shelves according to the high floor structure, helping to make the most of the warehouse space.

– The system operates in accordance with the working environment conditions as well as the needs of warehouse management in Vietnam.

The project of automatic storage at Vietsovpetro warehouse is a technology solution that contributes to improving production and business efficiency for businesses.

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