Smart traffic project Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway

The Bac Giang Lang Son expressway smart traffic project is an urgent need, a system implemented in the form of a BOT contract. So, what items does the Bac Giang Lang Son expressway smart traffic project include? Let’s find out the article below.

Overview of Bac Giang Lang Son expressway smart traffic project

The Bac Giang Lang Son Expressway Smart Traffic Project is a system that was put into operation in 2020, this expressway was established to significantly reduce the traffic volume here.

Tuyến đường giao thông cao tốc Bắc Giang Lạng Sơn


The investment project for the construction of Bac Giang – Lang Son City expressway at Km45+100 – Km108+500, including reinforcement of National Highway 1 road at Km1+800 – Km106+500 of Bac Giang province and Lang Son province is constructed under BOT contract.

The total length of the route is 110,2km..

The project has the total invested capital of 12.188 billion Vietnamdong and is extremely important in the economic development, enhancing connectivity with China, being expected by the local people and the whole country.

Items included in the Bac Giang Lang Son expressway smart traffic project

Electronic bulletin board system

This system is pre-set modes, display for vehicles to identify and receive information easily and quickly.

The information displayed on the electronic bulletin board can be written, drawing or symbol, usually the words shown on the electronic bulletin board have a relatively small number of words, so it is very convenient for the owners. means of fast reading comprehension.

The brightness and color of the electronic bulletin board must be clearly visible both during the day and at night.

Hệ thống giao thông thông minh cao tốc Bắc Giang Lạng Sơn

Intelligent transportation system Bac Giang Lang Son expressway

Traffic camera system

Traffic cameras are an effective solution to deal with traffic awareness, handle violations and reduce traffic accidents. Can effectively monitor traffic activities.

There is also a camera for automatic license plate recognition connected to a server, capable of automatically taking pictures of vehicles and dissecting license plates to process related information.

Closed toll collection system

This system is designed to apply information technology on toll collection simple, fast and extremely modern, avoiding traffic jams at toll gates, bringing a lot of convenience to vehicles. traffic.

This toll collection system has a flexible means of payment, suitable for many types of tickets such as one-way tickets, monthly tickets, quarterly tickets, and fixed routes.

The system has an accurate calculation method and only collects when the vehicle exits the final control gate of the highway.

Automatic vehicle classification system

This system is set up to be able to separate lanes and classify vehicles to have appropriate toll rates, the system has an accurate and efficient classification.

Automatic toll collection system does not stop

This system is set up with automatic toll collection devices that do not stop for vehicles to reduce traffic congestion, especially on highways, reduce cash usage, and reduce environmental pollution.

Provider of intelligent transportation system for Bac Giang Lang Son expressway

Thien An Technology Investment Joint Stock Company is the place to provide equipment and high-speed intelligent transportation systems with brands on the market today.

Thien An Company wishes to apply advanced and modern technologies in real life to promote the development of the country and society.

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