Smart Storage

One of the most important uses of automation technology is process. In addition, the process automation system improves process efficiency and uses different conveyors to maximize transfer
efficiency. Especially during production process, careful handling of high quality material and
sector management is a crucial part. Transport robots such as Gantry Robot, RGV (Rail Guided
Vehicle), AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle), EMS (Electronic Monorail
System), etc. bring products to the designated line at the right time. Automation increases the flexibility of process to deal with different types of handling, improves product quality via real-time
goods management and intelligent logistics management.

RGV (Rail Guided Vehicle)

AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle)

LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle)

Gantry Robot



APS(Auto Picking System)

ATLS(Auto Truck Loading System)

Upper Level Palletizer


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